Thomas Coston – Scriptmatix Thriller Fellowship Winner Update

Since winning the Thriller Fellowship in December 2021, Thomas Coston has found some great success in the industry. First and foremost, his high-ranking script, The Uncrossing, which earned him the Winning position in the Fellowship went through development with the Scriptmatix development team and got prepared to go far and wide into the market. On top of getting representation through MAG Wired, Media Artists Group’s Literary Management arm, The Uncrossing has gotten Thomas’ talents circulating as his script has already been viewed by Hulu, Outlier’s Society (Michael B. Jordan’s company), amongst other notable streamers and production companies. Time will only tell whether the project gets greenlighted, but we’ll surely update if something does happen.

The Uncrossing Logline: In 1970s New Orleans, a black detective looks into a string of ritualistic killings that surface a startling truth about his family – one that forces him to confront his roots.

Check out an excerpt from The Uncrossing’s evaluation here.

“My experience working with Scriptmatix was productive and meaningful. I received very thoughtful, helpful feedback on my original screenplay, a crime thriller set in 1970s New Orleans.  The analysis was insightful and constructive. This input sharpened the script and got it ready for exposure to the industry which it’s now receiving, and getting some positive feedback.
I’m also developing a new project idea with my literary rep, which I’m really excited about, that was stimulated by our further discussions. I’m excited to continue the relationship.
Overall, I found the process of working with Scriptmatix to very comfortable, smooth, and elevating. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.
I would encourage any dedicated writers out there to pursue the screenwriting fellowship and, I believe, you’ll find this experience as much of a positive one as I did.” – Thomas Coston

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