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Our mission

Our mission is to provide a development apparatus for screenwriters to emerge into the Film & Television marketplace through merit and raise the collective consciousness of screenwriters so that we – together – can form a body of masterful narrative works for the worldwide market.


Developing a screenplay?

Whichever stage of development you’re in, we offer the most sophisticated screenplay evaluation and development services on earth. Get data, analytics, and comprehensive written recommendations to boot.


Need professional guidence?

Want to expedite your progress?  Get a  personalized strategy from a working executive or literary representative who will craft you a pathway to representation.



Top performing Feature and Television screenplays are automatically forwarded to our team of literary representatives and brought to market.



Join our story scientist program and learn how to evaluate screenplays, stories, and cinematic pictures at the highest level.

our philosophy

We believe that storytelling engages attention because it is an evocation of universal psychological dynamics and the thematic and paradigmatic content which each entails. We, the audience, engage because – and to the degree – the constituent elements of our known realities are applied and reconstituted on the screen and page. Some may believe that storytelling is purely an act of imagination or application of creative instincts, and that film is an exercise in style – but this philosophy is of comparatively little value when it actually comes down to making the beats of a story hit “better,” or communicate coherent ideas. At Scriptmatix, our philosophy – derived from multidisciplinary study – is that stories can be improved in practicable, repeatable ways which blend the use of aesthetic instinct, emotional insight, research and knowledge of form  – and that this all begins with giving writers the tools to be actively informed and appraised of the paradigmatic choices which they have made, and those which are available to them.

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