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Scriptmatix is a state-of-the-art content valuation technology that is helping screenwriters develop better content faster, while bringing screenplays to market with data and analytics. 


Data-driven evaluations

Do you have a logline, outline, 1st act, or full screenplay that needs evaluating? Bring your material, and we bring analytics to the table so that you can get an objective view of your screenplay’s strengths, weaknesses, and market prepardness.

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Rewrite Recommendations

Your screenplay’s datasets are accompanied by written development recommendations from our expert staff aimed at increasing scores and expediting your screenplay’s development. 


Connect with the industry

Scriptmatix is quickly becoming the industry standard method of understanding scripted content, with a growing directory of endorsements from agencies, production companies, and film finance institutions. Scriptmatix makes it easy for professionals to identify quality material and understand the content they represent on a much deeper level. 

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Free screenplay development tools, free screenwriting courses, and premium services.

The Scriptmatix “Screenwriter Success Commitment” is a set of promises from us to you. It’s a guarantee that you’ll always be the focal point of our mission and that projects from our platform will make it to market.

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Success Commitment

What's Your Genre?

Genre matters, which is why we tailor our tech to further the genre tradition.

Baby money was exclusively developed through Scriptmatix with writers from our network. The results were swift financing and production. Slated for a worldwide release on August 31, 2021, Baby money serves as a case study for all our screenwriters, unequivocally validating the power of our technology and business model. 


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