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Screenplay ideas are useless if not executed well most writers overlook plot devices. As an aspiring screenwriter, you need to write your stories in an exciting way that will capture your audience’s attention. One of the most important aspects of a screenplay is plot. You might be still figuring out how to sell your screenplay, its story and concept, so let me tell you something that can help: plot devices! These are storytelling techniques that drive the plot, keep it flowing, and improve the audience’s overall experience.


Of course, when abused or used badly, plot devices can ruin your script instead of improving it. That’s why the best screenwriting workshops train script writers on how to master the use of plot devices so that they help rather than harm the script. So when you’re considering plot devices, be careful with how you use them. Now instead of resorting to screenplay consulting services, feel free to check the follow list: we’ve gathered for you ten great plot devices you can use to tell your story.

1.     MacGuffins

The MacGuffin is one of cinema’s oldest and most commonly used plot devices. A MacGuffin is an object that characters seek throughout the film, but which doesn’t have value on its own. It simply helps advance the plot, triggering characters to act. Famous MacGuffins in cinema include Rosebud in Citizen Kane and the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the MacGuffin as a cliché trope that has saturated movies. In fact, some of the best screenwriting workshops warn writers about this plot device. If not written well, a MacGuffin can expose you as a lazy script writer who relies on these objects to carry the whole plot instead of creating a real story. So be careful if you use this one, it’s not a simple trick.

2.     Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers probably originated in TV shows because they rely on the audience’s anticipation of the upcoming episode. However, nowadays with franchises like Marvel Cinematic Universe and the often produced sequels, they can also be used in movies to build suspense and leave the audience looking forward to the next installment.

Cliffhangers are endings that literally leave the audience “hanging

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