Mike’s a producer, writer, director, story developer, and investor. His mission is to make content production accessible to everyone who has a story to tell. In his spare time, he likes to lay around and think.


Executive advisor

Ben serves as the year-round industry liaison for executives and content creators. He works with the top agencies and organizations around the world to curate and match these creators with key industry professionals who can move their careers forward. Ben and Mike met at UCLA and have been super tight ever since.


Chief Data Scientist

Jordan is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer who has worked on a range of machine learning and cybersecurity projects including deep learning, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, and much more. This means we can barely understand what he’s talking about, but he’s super smart and very nice. 

Blake Alm

Head of development

A Princeton alumni with roots in political theory and cognitive science. Blake is a thinker, philosopher, and genuine academic. On the daily, you’ll find him having long and in-depth intellectual discussions with Mike about topics that nobody else can wrap their mind around. He’s a real talker too, except for small talk – he doesn’t do small talk so don’t try. 



A full stack developer and mathematician with over 30 years of experience developing applications for the federal government. When he’s not staring at a screen covered in code, he’s hanging out with his family, grandchildren, 12 chickens and a rooster. 

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