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We provide screenwriters with the resources to showcase their art amidst the expansive entertainment arena.​

Staying true to our purpose, every offering we present aims to elevate the profile of writers. We understand that at the heart of storytelling and filmmaking is the quest to engage an audience. Being storytellers at our core, we yearn to resonate with audiences far and wide. We’re fervent about utilizing the latest technological advancements to realize this vision, and we’re filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for what lies ahead for all story creators.

Through strategic partnerships with leading names in the film industry, we present unparalleled opportunities to both budding and seasoned screenwriters, storytellers, and filmmakers.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Ensure that every writer finds their platform and that every story sees the light of day.

Our Vision

Scriptmatix is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, especially as they pertain to storytelling. We aim to create a better filmmaking apparatus to filmmakers globally. In line with our mission, this apparatus will help in the crafting and production of stories for distribution. Our engagement with web3 and innovative monetization strategies for screenwriters is integral to this experience. We envision a future where barriers are minimized, the cost of launching a story is economical, and the finest storytellers rise from a merit-based system to which we proudly contribute.

Our Community

"We're all about the art."

Our community stands as the lifeblood of our organization. Spanning the globe, tens of thousands of gifted screenwriters have chosen to entrust their creative endeavors to our platform. These are individuals who not only harness our tools but breathe life into them, transforming their potential into captivating narratives. Each community member brings a unique voice, a distinct tale, and a shared ambition to our think tank. We’re a hive mind comprised of story enthusiasts, narrative scientists, and individuals who deeply care about broadening their understanding of story and reality. Through their collective passion and our cutting-edge resources, we’ve cultivated an ecosystem where possibilities are limitless. We are deeply honored to support and champion this dynamic tapestry of storytellers. Our joy comes from furthering the reach of filmmakers and watching their ideas become reality.


If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with a member of our staff, email support@scriptmatix.com

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