Fellowship II – RESULTS Sept. 2, 2022

This last fellowship campaign was the strongest we’d have to date. It’s not only encouraging that we get to develop and work with some amazing talent, but it’s also affirming that great screenwriters are gravitating towards the Scriptmatix platform and fellowships and see the value we provide is second to none.

Before the fellowship began, we decided to bring as many as 3 screenwriters into the fellowship. This season we are bringing on 5! If you joined the Virtual Festival, you’re aware that our metrics show that the unrepresented writers we are discovering are just as skilled as the pool of represented screenwriters. We encourage all screenwriters to join our network and grow something special here.

The winners that will enter our development room and earn representation in the marketplace include:
Kranti Pally, Lee Redmond, Mark Reynolds, Alex Jiang, Joseph Stephen Meadows. Each of these writers exhibited considerable skill and will be taken into a 3-month development process where their next developments will take place with a team of professionals huddled around their success.

The finalists are all strong writers who spark intrigue. These scripts were scored well and reviewed by heads of development and literary reps in our network. We scheduled meetings with many of the writers on this list and considered them for the win. A big congrats to the following for standing out from this season’s great pool of talent!

Air Guitar Gods Stephen Hoover
Bhangra Batra Jazz Darius
Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Cascadia Tim Millette
Cat’s Outta the Bag Steffi Hill
Declaration of Conscience Beth Milstein
HEALED Jeff Goldstein
Imagine Jeffery Barton
MYSTERY SCHOOL Solange Neustadter
Saint Shari (9/21) Dana Hammer
Senner’s Gold Michael Gaun
Small World Eric Glawe
Spirit of the Law and the Crime Against the Soul Georgia Rosenberg
Superman Never Saved Normandy Michael felix
The Agents Richard Eckert
The Burning Man Jordan Oliver
The In-Studio Guest Mark Schmeling
The Mythical Golden Trout Craig Peters
The Pale  Ira Fuchs
The Private Sector Benjamin King
The Wrong Candidate John Ravitz
Too Much Toad David Hughens
Under the Sea-World Lily Emalfarb
Virtual Mirrors Adora Winquist
Wendigo David Zuckerman

Note, that if you’re looking for Semi-Finalist or Quarter Finalist placements, that’s not something we do. If you’d like to know why, join our Friday Live Talks where we field your questions and help you improve every aspect of your screenwriting game.

Thank you everyone for being part of this season and the amazing event. Please join our Friday Live Talks and connect with us. We want to know more about you and share the insider tips to help you take your game to the next level.

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