How To Find Your Screenwriting Voice

Finding your voice as an artist can be the single most important moment of your entire career… and your life! Speaking to many screenwriters, directors, and artists over the year, there’s always that “moment” when it clicked; when something aligns with the writer and BOOM! they hit a new tier of artistic ability and expression.

It’s 100% true that a writer with a voice is a writer with power. Conversely, a writer without a voice is a writer who isn’t playing with a full deck of cards.

So the real question is: how do I find my voice or my signature? How do I develop a distinguishable identity that can separate my writing from the pack?

The answers will require a “seeking” mentality. You need to want to find answers. It’s so cliche, but it’s like Morpheus from the Matrix; the red pill presents itself when you’re looking for it. It doesn’t come in passing.

So if you’re seeking those answers, then this article is going to resonate with you. Below are 3 things you can do today that will get you into correspondence with your true identity as a screenwriter and artist:

  1. Understand Your Design: Okay… this is going to sound a little out there, but if you haven’t heard of Human Design, then boy do I have news for you. I’ve witnessed lives completely transform after discovering human design. Imagine what it’d be like to find out why you behave the way you do, and what your voice and purpose truly is. If you’re interested in having a Human Design reading with an emphasis on your creative voice, you should definitely check out Discover Your Voice consultation. It’s the 60-minute session that’ll rock your world and the fastest way to bring you into correspondence with your true self.
  2. Reflect on Your Favorite Childhood Content: Before you were conditioned by society, parents or institutions, you were a kid being your true self. You gravitated towards ideas and concepts that maybe you’ve put behind you. But there’s something to your behaviors and desires as a child that warrants revisiting. Think back to the stories that moved you or got you excited as a child. You probably grew up loving one particular Disney Movie. Then ask yourself why you loved that movie so much. Was there something about the world, the characters, or the dynamics at play that made your heart sing? Look closely.
  3. Follow Your Heart: Lots of people in the industry are going to tell you to follow the box office or follow the money. As an artist, I think this is generally a recipe for bitterness, anger and frustration. Artists don’t create art for money, they create art for expression. Go back to points number 1 & 2 and find out what it is you’re trying to express, then follow that. Tune out the noise that tells you to write in a certain genre or for a certain demographic. You know what will help you stand out? You being YOU.

I hope this article helps YOU be YOU.  Discover your true nature, meditate on what it is that moves you, and then follow that white rabbit into your next project. I promise, it’ll make the writing more rewarding. And remember, your work is art. It is an expression of you. Once you find that voice, then your craft can start to truly mature.

If you’d like to fast-track your growth and discover your voice and nature today, please do yourself and the world a favor and join the 60-minute “Discover Your Voice” session that will change everything for you. Not only will it help you understand your voice, your message, and why you’re here, but it’s the type of seed that when planted, grows in other aspects of your life. I promise you won’t regret it.

Be blessed.

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