How To Get Literary Representation

So you’re ready? Meaning, you’re writing great screenplays consistently. You have entered your prime as a screenwriter and now you want to enter the marketplace.

If you’re honest with yourself and this sounds like you, then I’m sure you’re scratching your head, often wondering “how the hell do I get someone to notice me?”

Here’s a couple tips that will help you break through the jam and start getting noticed:

  1. Book a Call with a Bona Fide Literary Manager. Is it really that easy? If you’re reading this, then yes it is. Scriptmatix has made the connections and opened plenty of doors for talented screenwriters to get the recognition they deserve. But I know what you’re thinking, “This costs money, doesn’t it?” Yes, because how else could we get real representatives to take a call? But, beyond paying someone for their time, you must also understand that the market is saturated. There are hundreds of thousands of screenplays and screenwriters today that are looking for representation and there aren’t enough representatives to handle them all. Some screenwriters will say “a great manager won’t take your money to see your script.” That was a decade ago. Today, nobody wants to read anything… for free. And if someone does, it’s because someone is reading material for them for free. We believe there’s no better way to get a literary manager than to speak to one directly who can either: a) sign you; or b) give you a strategy and a clear path to representation.
  2. Be Professional. Contrary to how many screenwriters behave, nobody wants to represent a neurotic screenwriter. I hate to sound harsh, but many screenwriters come off as needy, irritated, paranoid, and unprofessional. I get it… screenwriters are mistreated; it’s a lonely existence. But to make a good impression you must come off as professional. No manager will risk their reputation for a screenwriter that they think is “off the rails” and could potentially harm their reputation.
  3. Work on Yourself. Every literary agent or manager wants to represent a unicorn. They want the screenwriter who is the total package. Someone who is not only talented on the page, but is magnetic in person. You may be thinking “I’m an introvert.” That’s okay. You don’t need to be charismatic… you need to be comfortable with yourself (check out the article on how to find your voice). If you’re a mature screenwriter with your own signature/voice, then you are ahead of the game. If not, read the article linked here and become the unicorn that everyone wants to represent.

If you believe that YOU ARE READY, sign up for a literary consultation and have your portfolio read by a bonafide management team, and take a 60-minute consultation. Believe me, they want to represent great material. They want to make money off of the next unicorn talent. And they will tell you the truth, which is worth its weight in gold. Whether this earns you representation or not, the value is guaranteed.

Be blessed.

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