How To Sell A Screenplay For Beginners

How To Sell A Screenplay For Beginners

how to sell a screenplay for beginners

Young screenwriters, excited about their future in the film industry, have many questions in mind. The most nagging of which is: how to sell a screenplay. As a beginner, it’s not easy figuring out how you can find that yellow brick road to Hollywood. Big production companies and studios won’t randomly buy a screenplay from someone they’ve never heard of before. Selling a screenplay is the most difficult challenge facing new screenwriters today.

Before thinking about selling your screenplay, you need to ask yourself to whom you want to sell your screenplay. Original screenplays can follow different assembly lines to get made.

  • Hollywood – the dream you all share, making it big in LA. Production companies can buy original scripts if they’ve got a big picture mentality. They set up everything perfectly with reliable distributors and a roster of stars that can cash in at the box office.
  • International distributors – those guys have their eyes on the direct-to-DVD or VOD market so their main goal is home entertainment rather than theatrical releases.
  • Indie market – the riskiest yet most promising path. Naturally, indie companies don’t pay big bucks but they appreciate rising talents and can take a chance on your spec script.

Regardless of the path you choose, there are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to selling a screenplay.

Grow Before You Go

Selling your screenplay

It sounds simple enough but it’s easier said than done. As a new screenwriter, you are far too impatient and want to go out into the world and start selling your work. That’s not how you become successful. Everything takes time, including the screenwriting journey. Before you go out and announce to the world, “I want to sell my screenplay

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