Low Budget Feature Film Contest Results

Congrats to this season’s pool of screenwriters. The Low Budget Feature Film campaign was extremely successful, bringing to the fore several scripts that are extremely exciting. But only 1 script can win and that script was awarded to:

Paper Flowers by Asit Vyas

Paper Flowers tells a powerful true story about a boy named Shahlin whose promising young life took a sudden turn after being diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. With only a limited amount of time to live his fullest, Shahlin learns what it means to live life to its fullest and finds his life’s purpose that he’s been searching for all along. This story is based on the real life is Shahlin, who happens to be a relative of the writer, Asit. Shahlins story gained steam on social media when he wrote a letter towards the end of his life titled, “Thank you, Cancer” that went viral because of its inspirational messaging. It was through tragedy that Shahlins life saw true meaning, and we’re honored to champion his legacy. Asit is now in discussions with Producers who are eager to raise financing and help this project get made.

All Finalists listed below were serious considerations. They exhibited skillful writing and unique ways of consolidating budgets and presenting interesting premises without breaking the bank. The finalists include:

After School Jeff Bassetti
Dreamgift Joseph Stephen Meadows
Heartbreak Hotel Angel Carr
Heartifical Intelligence Justin Fontenot
Momma’s Advice kaitlyn gatto
Return of the Incredible Shrinking Man Joe Carlisle
Scent of Blood Eric White
Small World Robert Cuen
SPONGE robert gardner
STAIN Cem Aydogan
Stranded Fredd Baber
The Children’s Book Writer Bruce Dundore
The Elephant in the Room Alan Wood
The Illuminated People Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
THE LOOTER? Lisa Scott
The Second Coming of John Cooper Kevin Kraft
The Splice Julian Noble
The Unraveling Laura Harbin

CONGRATS to all of you! And big congrats to Asit Vyas and Paper Flowers. We are excited to see this movie come to life.

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