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Making Films with AI – Why and How?

If you haven’t heard of Film Vision by Scriptmatix, get ready to bring your screenplay to life.

The world of filmmaking has always been driven by creativity and innovation, from digital cinematography, CGI, and surround sound, to streaming VOD and virtual reality. As technology advances, new tools are emerging. Will this time be different? Will it be of benefit or detriment to the filmmaker? Here’s our stance:

For the last couple of decades, the plight of screenwriters has been related to their inability to produce their work. The reality is that gatekeepers (aka the folks with the money) are the ones who greenlight screenplays and make them into full-fledged live-action productions. With the onset of screenwriting software, the pool of screenplays has increased exponentially, making it nearly impossible to even get a screenplay read by an executive at a major company. So is AI the technology that will open up the industry to those left behind. We believe so and here’s why…

At Scriptmatix, our AI-powered service transforms screenplays into immersive audio/visual experiences. Below we’re going to outline the tremendous boon that our AI technology will have for aspiring and established filmmakers alike.

  1. Unlock your Story’s Full Potential: A screenplay is a blueprint that offers its own unique experience. But the question as to how the written experience will translate onto the screen has always been the debate that either gets a script purchased or passed on. By leveraging Scriptmatix’s AI-powered platform, you can get a legitimate preview of your screenplay by transforming it into a dynamic audio/visual experience that has the ability to resonate and speak to an audience. Why is this important? Everyone wants to perfect their story, but making changes in the editing room can be costly. By using our AI-powered production tools, you get a full preview of what you’re creating, giving your power and confidence as you embark of the filmmaking journey.
  2. Access New Opportunities and Markets: For the last couple decades, there has been only a handful of ways of getting your work “out there”. By leveraging Film Vision by Scriptmatix, you can transform your screenplays into engaging audio/visual experiences that is easy to consume and tailor-made for investors/distributors/producers/studios/streamers to peruse for new content. In other words, your screenplay doesn’t need to collect dust anymore, and you don’t need to submit your script into the void. Turn your script into an entertaining audible/visual experience and reach a wider audience. We believe this will open up new avenues for monetization, helping you expand your filmmaking career and get your art into the world in a meaningful way.
  3. Augment Collaboration and Communication: Filmmaking is a collaborative art form that thrives on communication and collaboration among various departments. By utilizing Scriptmatix’s AI-powered platform, you can provide your team with a consummate vision that facilitates a better understanding of the art form. Visualizing your screenplay through our platform will get your departments on the same page, and allow the director/filmmaker to get his vision across more efficiently.
  4. Prototype and Experiment: Before anyone invests significant resources into the production of a film, it is crucial to test ideas, and experiment with different approaches. Scriptmatix allows you to create prototypes and experiment with various creative choices without the need for extensive pre-production resources. With the ability to rapidly reiterate any creative choice, you can refine your vision and ensure that your final cut aligns with your creative aspirations.

We know AI is scary for many in the film industry, but the fact is that the fusion of artificial intelligence and filmmaking holds immense promise for creators seeking to push the boundaries of storytelling and create a portfolio of work that is accessible for consumption. By harnessing the capabilities of Scriptmatix’s AI-powered tools, you can now transform any screenplay into an immersive audio/visual experience that brings your screenplay one step closer to reality.

The technology is here to stay and it’s going to be a game-changer. Our objective as a company is to be on the forefront of the wave, and always bring the most up-to-date technology to the screenwriter/filmmaker so that you have greater access to conceptualize, develop, and produce your film using AI. So why wait? Explore the possibilities, embrace innovation, and embark on a remarkable filmmaking journey with AI by your side.

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  1. Hello, I like the idea of creating these film vision videos and uploading them all to my YouTube channel. Film Vision package using sound, photos, narration and scolling script.

    Currently in my portfolio.
    I have a TV series with 10 episodes.
    I have a 2 feature films.
    I have a short film.

    However, I do not wish to use the full scripts for these works. I think it would be a spoiler and too long of a video. I think 10-15 pages of the key events in each story is plausible for the film vision videos. In total I have 13 Works we can develop. Where do we go from here?

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