Result of the Fellowship Contest

We are thrilled to unveil the results of our recent Fellowship contest, where talented writers shared their compelling stories and creative visions. After careful review, we have selected an outstanding winner, as well as our finalists and semifinalists.


Alta CaliforniaLynn H.
At The FlashSean Chandler
Boo’s CruiseMichael Morero
Cuckoo, Cuckoo [feature version]Terry Lynam
Dead Man’s RollJohn O’Day
Deadly ShadowsToni Martocchio
Death Dosegerry yukevich
Ghost Warrior: Angel of DeathMike Chase
Hail SantaJoe Leone
I’m Not Dead, I’m DreamingPeter Petralia
ManongsKeone & Mari Madrid
MotherkillerTerry Lynam
NadineTash Ann
Niki Tomi BetoJon Ayon
Nobody’s HeroesMichael Alan
Nobody’s HeroesMichael Elliott
Power PlayF. Ethan Repp
Pretty Baby: The Tragic Death Of Marion ParkerDon Stroud
Rescue EddieJ.R. Spaulding Jr.
Running Through RevolutionSarah K Rossmann
Sex MachinaLenore Gilroy
TEETHjoey Medina
The DollsDavid Ongtooguk
The Stylite – Christmas in AlexantineShane Hallawa
The SystemChessie Reiss
You broke my heart in 17 placesJustin Scott


A Pill To Die ForClaudia Dato
A Slice of Future NowClifford Evan
AnxiePortia Williams
Back To BellevueRocky J.
Beyond the BasinSam Vaghani
Bison ManMichael Rhodes
CaramuruTabata Godfrey
Casa LilianeNadia Pandolfo
Chocolate DovesKyana Rookwood
Deceptions GambitCristol Johnson
ElixirNicholas Di Valerio
ERGOSPHEREMartin McLoughlin
Fair Youth screenplay 2023Larry Wells
Fastball On The Outside Corner: THE JOSH GIBSON STORYGregg Delso
ForkfulJoseph Mangelli
Ghosts of Sigma PhiPadraic Harrison
Ghostwriter: Episode One ‘The Fairies’ Midwife’Larry Wells
Halfway HeroesDavid Hurley
Hell’s BellesVacheh Shahmoradian
I Will Fight Until I MeltMary Katzke
ImperialDea Divi
John Wayne Must Die!Blair Cosby
Killer ComedyBobby Crown
Life Is Not Always EasyJames M.
Love in the Time of CoronavirusEmilio Santin
Lucky YouJohn Logan
MonstersVacheh Shahmoradian
My StoryAnhtuan Do
Next ThursdayAnna Swiney
Ordinary ManDaniel Goudreau
Red StormSean Lawrence
SandstormTerry Podnar
Savage GumshoeJASON WOLF
Selling Will’s Testament, Episode One: Second Best BedLarry Wells
Shelley Can’t SingHelen Rana
ShoehornSteven Mosqueda
SleepytownJanet Kravetz
The Age of the EmpathSteve Brown
The CleanersJacob Miles
The Combat Art CollectiveBaron Rotza
The Deplorable Offices of the IlluminatiJASON WOLF
The Edge – Episode One ‘Into The Past’Gary St. Martin
The JourneymenTravis Campbell
The Last SantaMichael Rhodes
The LessonGary Waddell
The Long Good HighPaul Bird
The mountainruth finnegan
The One Hit WonderBob Dawson
The Paper RouteDanny Howell
the PortalHenk Muni
The Pupil’s LashDiana Smith
The Romantic RoadSean Morrisroe
The Zookeeper’s DaughterLisa Hickey
Theater DadsJames M.
Tiger BloodCorey Widdison
Time Outlawmrgale None
UnpredictableLisa Hickey
What We Do in the Shadows: Be It Ever So Crumbled, There’s No Place Like HomeKevin Hanna
WidowsKatie Fahey
Wonder And LightningDiane Lansing
Zachary, Dawn of The Awakening, book 1raymond springer

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