Screenplay Coverage vs Analysis

There’s some confusion about Coverage vs Analysis so in this blog, we want to clear up the confusion so that you can make an informed decision going forward.

So what is the difference between coverage and analysis?

Coverage and analysis are related, but they have different purposes and focus. Screenplay coverage is a report that evaluates a screenplay for potential strengths and weaknesses, as well as its marketability. It is usually written by a professional script reader or analyst, and is often used by film studios, production companies, and literary agents to determine whether a screenplay is worth considering for production or representation. Coverage typically includes a summary of the story, an analysis of the characters and plot, and a recommendation of whether the screenplay is “recommend,” “consider,” or “pass.”

Screenplay analysis is a more in-depth examination of the screenplay. It can include elements of coverage, but it goes beyond just summarizing the story and characters and giving a recommendation. It delves into the themes, motifs, structure, and other literary aspects of the screenplay. It’s often used by scriptwriters to improve their script and make it more marketable. In summary, Coverage is a summary of the script and its marketability, Analysis is a more in-depth examination of the script in terms of its literary and storytelling elements.

So what’s right for me? Coverage or Analysis?

If you’re buying script coverage, you’re likely purchasing someone’s opinion on whether your script should be considered, recommended, or passed on. It’s more of a snap-appraisal. If you’re buying analysis, you’re purchasing a thoughtful and analytical observation of your story. So while Coverage is like a test (you get a final grade), analysis is more of a critique with an angle on how to improve the material.

Overall, I believe an analysis has inherently more value. It gives more salient insights into how your work was interpreted, and it can be used more as a development tool. There are many different types of analysis, but what Scriptmatix provides is by far the most comprehensive. Our Premium Analysis Packages include 3,500 words of detailed written analysis, scores across 15 categories, written annotations on the script page, and a 1 hour consultation with a head of development and an analyst who has read and analyzed at least 2oo screenplays in their career. We offer this because this is your art and it deserves a high level of observation and attention. You can also check out our other analysis offers. And if you’re wondering if we do coverage, the answer is no. Coverage, in our opinion, is simply to rudimentary and garner enough trust without thorough analytical questions and and justification from the reader.

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