A truck carrying illegal migrants crashes, killing everyone except a pregnant young Sudanese woman who manages to escape and finds refuge in a remote farmhouse, where she gives birth to her child. The elderly man tries to help the refugee girl and her son, but it turns out that the laws of the world do not allow it. The man and his friend defy these laws. Who will be stronger?

Zsolt Pozsgai
Feature Script
Showcase Star
"Kalinga International Film Festival, Twin Tower Film Festival, New York Arthouse Film Fest, IF Indie Festival all Award Winner."
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Words from the Writer

All my scripts are made to be actor-driven films, the story, the characters are all built around one or more actors really showing their talent. STAY WITH ME is one of those. I’ve written and directed fifteen films and written hundreds of television series scripts, almost all of them based on the actor’s personality.

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