Scriptmatix Comedy Contest – RESULTS

Thanks to all the participants of the 2023 Scriptmatix Comedy Contest. There were some great scripts of which we’d like to acknowledge. First, we will begin with the 3 finalists.

Crayola Zen by Mike Green

Squeeky Clean by Michael Papich

The Happiness Angel by David M Hinds

All three of these writers will have a meeting with the Scriptmatix development team and a literary manager and are in the running for the grand prize.

We’d also like to acknowledge our Semi-Finalists. These scripts were all championed by analysts and developers on our staff and showed some real promise:

Adulting Steph Kowal
Ally All Over Again Monika Moreno-Lapp
Brem & Me Kevin E.
Cesar & Max Susan Klos
Doctor Detective Emilio Santin
Dr Diane Lansing
Elvis Pandemic Robert Bettes
Fashion Apocalypse susan berman
Hunker Down Ken Klein
It’s An Italian Thing Fran Sisco
Mexican Jesus Matthew Pinard
Multiplex Jennifer Milne
My Guardian Angel Philip Naiman
Reverse Course Gregory Cohen
Saint Nick’Lost Tina Field
Shelter Janna Jones
Shelter Janna Jones
Tenderness Cari Jackson
The Division Anders Jorgensen
Worth The Weight Peter Panagos

Congrats to everyone that placed. If you did not place and would like to know more about how we score and come to our conclusions, you can book a free introductory consultation here. Scriptmatix is a highly competitive contest and we aim to maintain our integrity through due diligence on every screenplay. We appreciate your participation and hope to see more of your work in the future.

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