Scriptmatix Fellowship Results

Scriptmatix Fellowship Results – April 15, 2023

Congratulations to our Fellowship Winner Victor Osario for his script Selling Light – A young woman named Lily, the daughter of the Lord of Light, and her human companion Jacob must navigate a dangerous world filled with assassins and dark forces in order to stop an impending war and save their loved ones. The theme of the screenplay is the struggle between light and darkness, both literally and metaphorically, as well as the power of friendship and loyalty in overcoming adversity.

Victor has earned a 3 month fellowship and has correspondence with literary managers who are overseeing the redevelopment of his script. Victor has shown a very strong penchant for ideas. We are super excited about him as a prospect! Congrats again, Victor!!!!

So many interesting screenplays this season! Each of the following finalists met with literary reps and got serious consideration. They are listed here because of their strong potential: 

In Dreams by Haley Dercher – A psychologist who specializes in dream analysis discovers a mysterious faceless man appearing in her patients’ dreams, leading her to question the ethics of her practice and the nature of the technology she uses. The theme of the screenplay is the exploration of the subconscious mind, the ethics of technology, and the blurred lines between reality and dreams.

MixTape by Julia Brenner – Two best friends, Cleo and Jane, navigate their passion for DJing, friendship, and personal growth amidst the challenges of family, relationships, and the music industry. The themes revolve around friendship, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams in the face of adversity.

The Four of us are Dying by Jesse Dorian – A group of criminals, led by a woman with a mysterious past, kidnap a couple and engage in a series of dangerous and twisted games, ultimately leading to a shocking revelation about the woman’s connection to extraterrestrial life. This is a thematic exploration of the dark side of human nature and the search for a higher purpose in life.

Two Thieves and a Kleptomaniac by Virginia Youngren – When a kleptomaniac is unfairly blamed for stealing an elderly woman’s life savings, she gets raked over the coals while the real thieves go free. But justice is restored when the thieves have a falling out, turn on each other, and give the kleptomaniac an opening to redeem herself.

Under Pressure by Steven Smith – Two drug smugglers, Julian and Hector, struggle to transport their cargo in a poorly built submarine while a couple, Kayla and Cameron, are trapped in an underwater facility, leading to a tense confrontation and a race against time to escape. Thematically this is a story of survival, trust, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Each of the finalists will be meeting with our development team and a literary manager. Congrats to the 6 finalists!

We also want to give a hardy congrats to our Semi-finalists. So many of these scripts were top-caliber.

A Game of Gold JeySea None
A Ghost Story Of Christmas Eddie Yaroch
About Gabriel Janna Jones
Absolution Rieve Stanford
Across the Divide Jorge A.
All You Need is Blood Jill Bartlett
Alta Lynn H.
Baby Pavilion Mandy Hu
Blue – Feature David McAbee
Broken Dathan Paterno
BrooklynStart Brandon Triola
Brother Rosalino Frank Kyazze
Charli Amber Jones
Christmas 1914 Robert Milius
Chuy Hawken Vance
COOP Joe Leone
Corazon Dominique Merrill
Dead Shot Mary Robert K. Benson
Death Sucks Lena Cigleris
DELIVERED: A Slice of Future Now Clifford Evan
Don’t Call Me Hero Michael Elliott
Elevation To The Depths III (24-11-22) wobbly 44
Emotional (Pilot) Tiriq R. Callaway
Enter the Dreadi Kristina Jordan
FRONTIERS Geoffrey Ashley
Get Jude Married Guy Quigley
Gym Candy Armand Arekian
Heterodox High Jeff Baker
His Name was Szmulek Mike Ross
Holy Warfare Robert Milius
Integrated Offender Manjit Bhangoo
Jack Jennifer Siegel
Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig Craig B.
JOHN MACK:THE BELIEVER Denise David Williams
Kerry Cowboys – Pilot Zeff Lawless
Last Woman Sandi Jerome
Ma’s Way Christopher Buonopane
Magnolia House Frank Kyazze
Miss B Dolapo Olorode
Mother Marilyn’s Motor Tour PG Hodgson
Nobody’s Heroes Michael Elliott
Operation Mom Reenita Hora
PREtirement Melanie Abrams
Queer Cowfolk: The Gay Rodeo Musical Bear Kosik
Quiver Patrick Blair
Redemption Mark Pogodzinski
Rhodes Michael Gascon
Sandwich Generation Patricia Fox
Saving Roses Louann Fernald
Search and Rescue Helen Rana
Sky Curse Janet Kravetz
Sledgehammer mobin maalirad
Snowball Travis Levasseur
Sons of Distant Fathers Debra Gipson
Sons of Distant Fathers Debra Gipson
Soon It Will Be Dead Royce Johnson
Stand Up, My Brother Terry Bu
The Bad Newz Jay Hodgkins
THE BOOKER Tiffani Davis
The Clean Slate Jayme McMillan
The Happiness Angel David M Hinds
The Haunt Kyle Gibbs
The Heart of A Man Derek Gray
The Mutable Nature of We Darius Burkhalter
The Pickleball Killer James Carroll
The Sand Creek Massacre Timothy Weckesser
The Volunteer Robert Nelson
The Witch of Pungo J Darin Wales
Those Who Wander David Neal
Three Days Emilio Santin
Torn Ericka Salary
VIKTOR – 119104 James Dillon
Virgo Gil Luna
WENCH Tommy Miller
Who Killed William Desmond Taylor? Nate Washburn
Widowed Katie Fahey+B45
World Wrestling League of Badassery Lee Lucero
You Made Me the Monster Alistair Bryson

If you’d like to know more about Scriptmatix and how we select our winners, finalists, and semi-finalists, we make meeting someone on our staff very accessible. Click here to set up a free consultation and get your questions answered.

We want to thank everyone who participated. We’d love to be part of your script coming to life. If you haven’t learned about Film Vision yet, you need to check it out! We are harnessing technology to bring stories to life. We hope to see your script on screen soon!

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