Scriptmatix Fellowship – RESULTS Dec 1, 2022

Thank you everyone for joining this season’s fellowship! We deeply appreciate all your involvement and love reading your material. This season saw some truly fantastic work that our staff is excited about pushing forward. We want to congratulate everyone that placed.

First we want to announce our winner of the Fellowship. Congratulations to Ernest Pysher for his work on “Terror & Virtue”. This is a tremendously researched TV pilot about the French Revolution and our connections have already taken it out to HBO. We look forward to seeing Ernest’s work circulate the marketplace and have high hopes for this wonderful project. We regard it as one of the better scripts we have received in the past year. 

The finalists were handpicked from the top 15% of submission scores. It’s important for every screenwriter to understand that our team approaches all selections from the perspective of the marketplace. Scriptmatix and it’s staff are enmeshed and communicate with the biggest companies in the industry and we have our finger on the pulse of what’s in demand across the industry landscape. A major part of what factor’s into our decision is how “ready” the material is for the market and/or how ready the writer appears to be for representation in the marketplace. The finalists are as follows:

Agua DulceKeith Jardine
An L.A. StoryChristopher Pennington
Disaster ManMark C. Spera
First Comes DeathChris Goodenough
FREE HUNTERGary Sherwood
JoiAlejandro Lopez
PsychotronicDavid Sheski
SantiagatitaChic Perkins
Terror and VirtueErnest Pysher
Van 59Brian Trotter
VoicesSusan Klos

Congrats to these finalists! They were all invited to meet with Literary Managers and were in consideration for the grand prize. 

Also, a big congrats to the Semifinalists. Each of these Semifinalists was top 15% and scored respectably. Many of the following Semifinalists were seriously considered as finalists, so everyone on this list should be very encouraged and understand that you’re in that with dedication and time, the future is very bright.

A Christmas Carol TooWendy Nichols
A Shadow in the DarkRyan Dawson
A Step Too FarCameron Osborne
A Whisper From The WavesJames Fox
Above GroundMatt (Guajardo) Kelsey
Adventures in Serial KillingJohn Munn
Attack DogsRobert Isabella
Baby LawyersConnor Williams
Bearing WitnessWindsor Racine
Billy’s Time MachineRobert Cuen
Branding SeasonRick Woodham
Bumbloods – Episode 1 – Saving GraceJoe Bandelli
Conquer the WorldGary Champagne
DeliaAmy Hutchins
Fancy DrewMolly Brady
Fourth TrimesterAnnie Kaempfer
Friday Nightdaniel Rudin
From the AshesRhyess Nash
GeminiAlex Vickery-Howe
High CrimesMelanie Abrams Fierstein
Invisible PilotJodie Anders
Jingle Bell RockCurt Samlaska
Kita Manitou PilotJodie Anders
La Cherry LunaJulia Sauder
Limited HangoutMichael Papich
Marry Me ManJordan Oliver
MomJordan Champagne
More Going DownDennis Manning
Mother JunkieOlivia Webb
New OlympusMatthew Nicholson
Now & ThenDennis Manning
PickpocketJason Sarrey
Probable CauseShane McCabe
PuncturedShari Hamrick-Grewal
She Has Risenkaren Campion
Stop Loss (Xander)Ramona Taylor
StoryBook ReunionMaureen Hummel
The ExtraJoe Zimmerman
The Price of AdmissionMarlowe Harris
The Shadow FallsClay Callender
The ShadowsAnthony Orlando
The Wild HuntFrancesca O’Hop
Those Who WanderDavid Neal
To Hell and BackManny Fonseca
TrappedEthan Chen
Visiting HoursJoe Bandelli
Watu-WazuriGretchen Ratcliff Sawyer
What CheerKaren Campion
Zoom HitLaura P. Valtorta

For the rest of the screenwriters in this season’s fellowship who didn’t place, your work was read and acknowledged and discussed internally like everyone else. Many of you showed tremendous promise and glimmers of brilliance and we encourage you all to continue writing. We understand that when you don’t place in a screenplay contest, it can be frustrating and may feel like you’re not on the right track. That’s not the case at all! Having worked with dozens of professional screenwriters, it’s important to acknowledge that you’re always one script away from breaking open your career and hitting a new threshold in your screenwriting abilities. Your focus should be on doing what you need to do to reach the prime of your screenwriting career because this is precisely what every represented screenwriter has going for them; they’re either in their prime or just entering their prime. And don’t forget…everything in this industry takes time. Nothing happens overnight; projects don’t get made, talent doesn’t rise, and careers don’t get launched overnight. It’s a slow process of maturity and the spoils go to those who stay honest, work hard, write inspired work, and always try to get better.

All the best to each and every one of you. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with Scriptmatix and learn more about how this company operates and how we service screenwriters, you can schedule a free consultation here. A professional is happy to meet you face-to-face and learn more about you. Wishing you all the best and hoping to see more of your work in the future.

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