Scriptmatix Results – July 2, 2022

"I would encourage any dedicated writers out there to pursue the screenwriting fellowship and, I believe, you’ll find this experience as much of a positive one as I did."

Congratulations to the amazing writers from this last campaign. The winners have earned literary representation and will have their projects pitched to various film institutions. We’ll keep everyone posted on how that goes.

The true revelation from this past campaign was just how good the unrepresented writer truly is. Scriptmatix develops for a wide range of writers, and we evaluated for several companies so we have a fair amount of knowledge about the field of writers in the represented and unrepresented sectors of the industry. The writers from this particular campaign were excellent. We have connected with many of the writers below and continue to build bridges and work with as many talented writers who are driven to succeed. Congratulations to all the mentions below.

This campaign saw 3 winners:

Marilyn 13″ by Jocelyn Osier – Marilyn 13 employs 2 parallel narratives, one of a precocious pre teen girl in the 1960s who is keeping her father afloat after the death of her mother, but struggling to understand herself within the mores of her peer group – and the other about the efforts of 13 women to pass fitness tests which will qualify them to be the first team of female astronauts. Marilyn’s life is changed when her Father begins to date a free-thinking woman who initially challenges her ideas about her Father – but becomes a friend and confidant – while the team of astronauts must increasingly try to stay focused even when existing government bureaucracies threaten to derail the program. Marilyn 13 is a really strong example of a “Time of Tribulation” premise, and an Assimilation Dynamic as the young Marilyn initially finds she must adapt to the presence of this new woman in her life – and also start to assimilate to changing realities about her identity, body and peer group which constellate as she becomes a teenager.

The Navajo & the Astronaut” by Jane Therese – “The Navajo and the Astronaut” received recognition for a very clear and unusual depiction of an “Aspirational” protagonist. Set in Flagstaff, AZ in the 1960s, it’s central character, Mitena has dreamed all her life of becoming a pilot – despite the fact that her people “do not fly”; Mitena finds ways to keep her dream alive including by riding the local wild sheep – but her worldview is shaken when the awakening of her femininity leads her tribal elders to begin to take more seriously the task of teaching her the cultural customs and initiating her as an adult Navajo woman. Looking for help, Mitena strikes up an unusual and serendipitous correspondence with – of all people – Neil Armstrong, who at the time of the plot is stationed, along with Buzz Aldrin and the rest of Apollo crew, in Flagstaff for a training assignment on the eve of their intended launch – a correspondence which may not only give her the conviction she needs to keep pursuing her dreams, but also save her people whose land and agriculture are being decimated by a government Uranium-mining operation.

Nobody Stops for Normal” by Lee Karaim – “Nobody Stops for Normal” is an almost “Field of Dreams”-esque story about an innovative and idealistic man who, in an attempt to save his North Dakota hometown from an exodus, determines that he is going to drop out of the work force and build the world’s tallest metal sculptures, beginning with a model of a Mid-Western family. What starts as a hobby, becomes a crusade which divides the town. Based on a true story, the story charts the path by which a hobby or impulse becomes a source of identity or personal cause, and how a cause becomes an obsession. Will Gary’s project become the tourist attraction he hopes it will, or will these monoliths become a feature to an abandoned outpost?

While we love congratulating our winners and looks forward to pushing their careers forward in a serious way, we also want to spotlight night batch of Finalists. Each of the following scripts were championed by analysts, reads by executives in the company, and many were contacted for meetings with executives in the company.


10 Angry Dragons by Casey Costello

100 Acres by Alexander Major

A Knight to Remember by Wyatt Browser

Against Her Will by Serita Stevens

Aktion T-4 by John Martins III

Bright & Beautiful by Zachary Smolar

Bucket Kevin by Luper Buon

Natalie by Leonard Varasano

Capture The Flag by Christian Jika

Chicken Tenderized by Bonnie Tunick

ChrisMiss by Ross Marks

Christmas Can’t Wait by Natalia Chown

Cool Story by Gayle Gaviola

Daylight Robbery by Noel Cotton

Dissonance by Sheri Davenport

Flying High by Kenneth Gildin

Freedom by Anita Waggoner

From a Yardie to a Yankee by Sardia Robinson

Forester Get Up and Dance by Travis Sepalla

Haunted Heart by Mike Bencivegna

How to Address An Envelope by Alex Lyras

It’s Only Life by Joseph Stephen Meadows

Jocko by Derek Vitatoe

Lessons from the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appel

Lexie by Casba Mera

Lion City Radio Show by Val Tan

Love, Beer and Children by James Bock

Loyal Americans by Margaret Dane

Map of Your Life by Jordan Galland

Marika’s War by Marianne R. Klein

Minor Party Candidate by Katherine Silverman

Mister C by Terry Connell

Motherkiller by Terry Lynman

Mrs. Strissel & The Dogs by David Congalton

Old Patrol by Kevin Jordan

One Less Heartbeat by Jim Griffith

Possibilities by Lyncon McGill

Rescue Dog by Rich Orstad

Saving Mark Twain by Stanton Rabin

Shaolin Wolf Man by Tom Freyer

Six Day Detective by Josh Flanagan

Soul’s on Fire by Joseph L. Harrison

South for Winter by Jill Ferrari

Spirit of the Wolf by Pamela Perry Goulardt

Spring Branch by Ketih Woodruff

Surrender by Bill Mesce

The Amateur Magician by Jerrard Burford

The Border Crossed by Alex Jiang

The Bracelets by Joanne Bellew

The Coal Miner’s War by Randall Reese

The Donor by Brandon Richard

The Gold Fish by Barbara Ward Thall

The Hobby Horse Kid by David A. Gregory

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair by Ryan Mekenian

When I Was a Child by T.L. Needham

Where I’m Bound by Blake Ellis

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