Hero's Journey Outline Generator

Note: All answers should be written in active, present-tense language.

Section 1

  • (ie. Loving father… 17-year-old boy… captain of a ship… socially awkward man...)
  • (ie. he's an agent with a special set of skills… he's a conman… he's a strong leader… he's socially awkward with girls...)
  • (ie. he saves a pop-star from an attempted assassination… He cons his classmates into believing he's the professor… he reinforces safety protocols to protect his crew... he runs away from a girl who tries to speak to him...)
  • (ie. to spend time with his daughter... to be like his father... to protect his crew... to avoid human contact...)
  • (ie. his daughter announces she's leaving on a Euro trip… his mother divorces his father for a rich man… his ship comes under attack from Pirates... he orders an anatomically correct blow-up doll named Bianca...)
  • (ie. he refuses to let his daughter go on a Euro Trip… he runs away from home… he outsmarts and fends off the Pirates...)
  • (ie. he's afraid for his daughter's safety… he refuses to accept his father's failure as a husband… he's afraid for the safety of his crew)
  • (ie. he is guilt-tripped and pressured by his daughter and ex-wife… he can't afford to live on his own… he lets his guard down...)
  • (ie. he signs the permission slip to let his daughter go to Europe… he forges checks so he can repair his family... he commands his crew to hide in the engine room... )
  • (ie. he learns his daughter has been kidnapped… he engages in highly illegal activity… the pirates force their way onboard the ship...)
  • (ie. to find his kidnapped daughter within 72 hours... to find the groom and get him to the wedding by 10am on Sunday... to remove the pirates from the ship...
  • (ie. he goes to the location where his daughter was last seen to find clues… he poses as a Pan-Am pilot… he escorts the pirates through the ship so they can take what they want...)
  • (ie. he finds out a human trafficking ring is responsible for his daughter's kidnapping... he masters the art of check forgery... he covertly communicates with his crew to turn off the lights and generators...)
  • (ie. he finds where the human traffickers are based… he travels the globe cashing forged checks and making millions... he and his crew devise a plan to take down the pirates...)
  • (ie. he saves a girl who knows where his daughter's kidnappers are located... he makes face-to-face contact with the FBI agent who is dedicated to bringing him to justice... his crew ambushes the head pirate, Skinny, and the pirates agree to leave on a rescue boat...)
  • (ie. he apprehends his daughter's kidnapper and tortures him for answers… he changes his identity to evade the authorities… he gets forced into the rescue boat with the pirates...)
  • (ie. he enters a mansion where his daughter is being auctioned by human traffickers… he decides to get married and join a new family of his own… the Navy is summoned and on the way to save the day...)
  • (ie. he gets knocked unconscious, tied up, and ordered for execution… he loses his wife, new family, and is back on the run, alone again… he tries to swim away from the boat but gets caught by the pirate...)
  • (ie. he breaks free, kills his adversaries, and steels their weapons… he surrenders to the FBI and gets taken into custody... the Navy gets summoned and is on its way to save the day...)
  • (ie. he realizes his daughter is boarding a boat... he finds out his father died and escapes custody... the Navy delivers Captain Philips a message to brace himself as pirates torcher him
  • (ie. he boards the boat, kills everyone and saves his daughter… he sees mother has moved on with her new husband and child… a team of snipers kill all the pirates and save Captain Philips...)
  • (ie. he returns to home and introduces his daughter to the pop-star… he gets offered a job working with the FBI check forgery department... he returns to the ship safely...)
  • (ie. he establishes the meaningful relationship he's always wanted with his daughter… he finds his new family with the law enforcement officers at the FBI... he is reunited with his crew...)