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How can you utilize Scriptmatix data to develop or improve your screenplay faster and with greater results? All that, coming right up.

Have you ever taken a step back to think about what you’re actually experiencing during a film? And what this visual/audible experience is actually communicating. Very simply, an audience is experiencing the transformation of the psyche. We follow a movie not because a character is experiencing a physical shift from one location to the next, but because the character is experiencing a constant transformation of the psyche.

The work we do at Scriptmatix is to understand and define those transformations and use that data to inform you, the writer, of all the available options at your disposal. So, how does this work? I’ll give you an example. Have you ever read a script that was a knockoff of another plot – where it felt like the writer literally took the majority of the plot and changed character names and location? If you have, your experience is probably that those scripts were not able to duplicate the emotional journey. While they could duplicate the transformation of physical location in space/time, they couldn’t duplicate the transformation of psyche.

So what we do here at Scriptmatix is we understand that a change in psyche occurs by process. Transformation in all of us happens through processes – we try to reach a certain ideal, we encounter setbacks, we fail, we learn, we grow, we gain perspective – and these types of processes and paradigms can take numerous shapes, however they are still processes that have shape.

So how do you map this idea onto your screenplay?

What we’re doing in Scriptmatix is mapping the emotional journey of your narrative so that you can be made aware of the transformative process that your characters are experiencing in conjunction with the physical plot. We understand that most writers are not aware of the psychic choices they have made, and this is a learning process, but a tremendously valuable learning experience and it’s truly spotlighting the soul of the story and the reason audiences watch, and the real substance of what your movie is made of. The future of Scriptmatix is to make available the tools that allow screenwriters to build narratives from the abstract form because it’s our experience – and truly the process of synthesizing a concept – that when you fully understand the spirit of your story and the constituent elements, translating that into a written/visual experience is a whole lot easier. 

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