What Makes a Great Screenplay Concept

Everyone wants to make their next movie concept is attractive, right? There are a few ways to determine if a movie concept is attractive and they are something you should definitely consider.

You can start by conducting market research and see if there is a demand for a similar type of movie. Another way is to test the concept with a focus group or by getting feedback from industry professionals. Additionally, you can consider if the concept is unique and visually appealing and if the story is compelling and well-structured. Ultimately, the best pathway to the success of a movie concept will depend on the execution of the final product and how well it resonates with audiences.

Other things to consider are genre. Different movie genres are popular in different regions and among different demographics. Know who your audience is and create a spin on the best screenplays/movies in the genre tradition. Some of the most popular movie genres globally include:

Action: These movies typically feature high-energy, fast-paced stories with lots of special effects and stunts.
Adventure: These movies often feature heroes on a quest or journey, and may include elements of fantasy or science fiction.
Comedy: These movies are designed to make audiences laugh and typically feature a comedic plot and/or comedic performances by the actors.
Drama: These movies are often serious in tone and may explore complex themes and emotions.
Romance: These movies focus on the romantic relationships between characters and often aim to elicit an emotional response from the audience.
Thriller: These movies are designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats and may feature elements of crime, mystery, and suspense.
Fantasy: These movies are set in a world that is not our own, often times with magic and supernatural elements.
Science fiction: These movies are set in the future or in space and often explore advanced technology and scientific concepts.

It’s worth noting that these genres are not mutually exclusive, and many films will have elements of multiple genres.

Markets and consumer also gravitate towards certain themes. Themes are the underlying ideas or messages that a movie explores. Different movie themes can resonate with different audiences. Some popular movie themes include:

Love: Love stories are a popular theme in many movies and often explore the complexities of romantic relationships.
Coming of age: This theme explores the experiences and growth of young characters as they transition into adulthood.
Overcoming obstacles: This theme focuses on the struggles and triumphs of characters as they face and overcome challenges.
Friendship: This theme explores the bonds and relationships between friends.
Family: This theme explores the dynamics of family relationships and the struggles and triumphs that come with it.
Good vs. evil: This theme explores the struggle between good and evil, and the moral choices that characters make.
Redemption: This theme explores characters’ journey of self-improvement and change
Survival: This theme explores the story of characters who must fight to survive in extreme circumstances
Social commentary: This theme explores the issues that are prevalent in society, and how the characters in the story are affected by them
Fantasy/Sci-fi worlds: This theme explores an imaginary world of fantasy or science fiction with unique characters and stories.

It’s worth noting that themes can be combined in a single movie and can be presented in a subtle or overt manner.

So there you have it! There is no formula, but what an audience wants is originality. It doesn’t need to be so original (frankly, nothing is that original) but at least give us a different play on similar themes, genres, and the reader/audience will appreciate it.

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